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Global Privacy Platform (GPP)

The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on the matter.


The Global Privacy Platform (GPP) enables advertisers, publishers, and technology vendors to adapt to regulatory requirements across markets. The framework enables companies to use a consent management platform (CMP) to capture and communicate consent signals throughout the digital ad supply chain.

The IAB recommends companies transition away from the US Privacy Specifications and adopt GPP as this will be the only platform to accommodate upcoming and future privacy and consent management requirements in the US.


There are three types of GPP Consent Strings and support/enforcement will vary by SSP. 

  • GPP Consent String
  • USNat String
  • US State Strings
    • California (usca)
    • Virginia (usva)
    • Colorado (usco)
    • Utah (usut)
    • Connecticut (usct)

Some SSPs will continue to support the US Privacy String so both the US String and GPP string should be passed until the US String is completely deprecated.


  • Update CMP to pass proper GPP Consent Strings
  • If Applicable:
    • For Prebid: Implement Prebid GPP Modules
      • GPP Consent Management Module – Link
      • GPP Control Module – USNat string – Link
      • GPP Control Module – US state strings – Link

Key Dates & Deadlines

  • IAB Tech Lab IAB will extend support for US Privacy Signal until 1/31/2024. IAB sets guidelines but is not able to enforce adoption. Adoption will ultimately be decided by major buyside partners (ex: TTD and Google)
  • Google Support Timeframe – Q1 2024 (Source)
  • SSP Specific:
    • Index Exchange: Plan is to support US Privacy Signal until officially deprecated (still tbd)
    • Triplelift: TL won’t immediately stop support for US Privacy string on Jan 31. However some DSP or other 3rd parties might start requiring GPP after that date to use personal information, potentially lowering CPMs for the non personal ad requests.

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Primary Author: Kevin Son

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